15 minute inclusion inservice overview

Our goal is to present new topics that will help Head Start programs include children with disabilities in their classroom and other programs. A variety of information and tools will be gathered to give you a full in-depth look at the topic in a very short time frame, 15 minutes. Each month we will have a combination of the following: PowerPoint presentation; research brief; tools for, classrooms, teachers, and coordinators; resources for families; video clips; and additional resources.

In this section

» early literacy: embedding Families’ Funds of Knowledge, Daily Routines and Activities into Their Children’s Early Learning Opportunities Across Home and Preschool Contexts

» early literacy: supporting parent and caregiver involvement in early literacy practices with young children from diverse backgrounds and abilities

» early literacy: supporting early literacy through universal design & assistive technology

» zoning

» individualizing

» iep basics

» inclusion basics: membership