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Welcome families. This page was designed just for you! Our website contains a wealth of information on supporting and including children with special needs in the classroom and home. We at the Head Start Center for Inclusion, have chosen a few key pieces of information to get you started. Please browse this page for all things related to families of children with special needs. Take a look at the other areas of the site for even more information on inclusion. Thanks for visiting!

15 min. Inservices
HSCI understands how active family life can be! These 15 minute inservices are quick lessons on topics related to children with disabilities. View these lessons to see a Powerpoint presentation delievered by a professional in the field. The Powerpoint presentations often contain video and picture examples of the lesson in action. Also, download handouts and worksheets to extend your learning.

IEP Basics
Inclusion Basics: Membership
Early Literacy 1
Early Literacy 2

Social Stories
The Social Story concept was created by Carol Gray. Social Stories are short stories detailing specific activities or situations from the child's point of view. Social Stories often work well for children who don't seem to understand how to act or respond in certain situations (like sharing with kids, getting dressed, etc.) by describing exactly what happens and what is expected during these activities. Download, print and personalize Social Stories by handwriting in specific information related to your child.

Social Stories Tip!Use our stories as a template to create your own! By writing your own Social Story you can truly personalize it and relate it to a challenging activity or situation for your child. Add pictures by including photographs of your child, cut-outs from a magazine or drawings.

Getting Ready for School
Staying Close When Shopping

Challenging Behavior Tips for Families
Download and print these sheets as a quick reference for tips on challenging behavior, helping your child to talk more, teaching your child to share and more! Hang them on your refrigerator, keep them in folder, or put on your kitchen counter to quickly reference when needed.

Challenging Behavior Tips for Families

HSCI Community Book Group
Find information about a variety of books that highlight and celebrate inclusion and differences in our Community Book Group section. Each sheet provides an overview of the book and ideas for using the book to teach about inclusion and differences both at school and at home.

HSCI Community Book Group Tip!Before bed, take a moment to read a story about differences. Reading a book before bedtime is a good way to establish a clear routine and reading books with a little lesson can provide a great way to open a discussion with your child.

HSCI Community Book Group

Broadcast Calls
Broadcast Calls occur live about once a month through the HSCI website. National experts in the field present on a variety of topics highlighting the most recent information about specific disabilities and other special needs. The calls are about an hour in length and usually include a PowerPoint presentation and audio. You can listen live to these calls or find and listen to archived calls.

Siblings of Children with Special Needs
Social-Emotional Health in Children in Head Start
Working with Children with FASD
Working with Children in Foster Care
Using Home Visits to Enhance Literacy Skills

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