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Creating and Using Social Stories
Adapted from The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray

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What is a Social Story?

  • Created by Carol Gray, Social Stories are short stories, often with pictures, describing a situation from the child’s point of view
  • They are individual and can be created on any topic
  • They are typically written about a topic that is challenging for the child
  • The idea behind Social Stories being the child will better understand and have consistent reminders of the expectations in the target situation
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When would I use a Social Story?

  • When a child is experiencing challenges with an activity, routine, event or situation at school, home or other environment
  • When a child is learning a new skill
  • When a child is unsure about an upcoming event
  • When a child is having difficulty following expectations
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How do I create a Social Story?

How do I use a Social Story?

  • Introduce only one social story at a time
  • It is very important to introduce a new social story when the child is calm and relaxed
  • Read it to the child in a one on one situation. It should be an enjoyable experience
  • A Social Story can be read up to a couple of times each day, with a planned reading before the activity or situation portrayed in they story
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