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Welcome Supervisors and Coaches. This page was designed just for you! Our website contains a wealth of information on supporting and including children with special needs in the classroom and at home. We at the Head Start Center for Inclusion, have chosen a few key pieces of information to get you started. Please browse this page for all things related to staff training and supporting classroom teachers in an inclusive Head Start classroom. Take a look at the other areas of the site for even more information on inclusion. Thanks for visiting!

15 Minute Inservices
HSCI understands how very busy the daily schedules of supervisors can be. These 15 minute Inservices are brief trainings meant to maximize every spare minute of your training time. These trainings provide a short Powerpoint presentation, handouts, pictures or videos along with other materials that can be all be viewed and completed in 15 minutes or less.

15 Minute Inservice Tip!Encourage staff to do one 15 inservice a month and implement the newly learned strategy.

IEP Basics
Inclusion Basics: Membership

Take a more indepth look at the HSCI framework using these extended and detailed training modules. Powerpoints, video clips, pictures, worksheets, individual, small and large group activities all put together to create an engaging and informative half or full day training on a variety of topics related to inclusion.

Assessing & Strengthening the Foundation
Curriculum Modification & Adaptations
IEP Training
Proactive Teaching Strategies

Broadcast Calls
With the click of a button listen to live or previously recorded phone calls from experts in the field from around the United States. These calls contain an audio and Powerpoint presentation on a variety of topics and are about an hour in length.

Getting the School Year Off to a Good Start
Kick off to Year 2: Proactive Teaching Strategies
Social-Emotional Health in Children in Head Start

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