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Welcome Teachers and Classroom Staff. This page was designed just for you! Our website contains a wealth of information on supporting and including children with special needs in the classroom and home. We at the Head Start Center for Inclusion, have chosen a few key pieces of information to get you started. Please browse this page for all things related to teaching and organizing classroom staff in the inclusive Head Start classroom. Take a look around the other areas of the site for even more information on inclusion. Thanks for visiting!

Day in the Life of a Disabilities Coordinator
Watch a set of short videos demonstrating the process of a Disabilities Coordinator in Washington State. Follow along as she describes how she supports both teachers and children in inclusive classroom settings.

Day in the Life of a Disabilities Coordinator
15 Minute Inservices
HSCI knows the busy schedules of educators! Provide this resource to supervisiors to maximize every spare minute by providing a training in just 15 minutes! These inservices contain a Powerpoint presentation, handouts, pictures or videos and more that can be viewed and completed in 15 minutes or less.

15 Minute Inservice Tip!Encourage staff to do one 15 inservice a month and implement the newly learned strategy.

IEP Basics
Inclusion Basics: Membership
Proactive Teaching Strategies

Classroom Visuals & Supports
HSCI Community Book Group
Here we have chosen several children's books which deal with disability, difference and inclusion in a child-friendly and accessible way. You can use these books in your classroom during your story time or also recommend them to families who are wanting to begin talking about these topics at home.

HSCI Community Book Group Tip!Got a child who learns differently or is from a culture different than those of your other students? Check out our Book Nook to find children's book related to celebrating differences and embracing other learning styles in the classroom and in the community.

HSCI Community Book Group

Social Stories
Social Stories are short 1-page "stories" tailor-made for a child who is having difficulty with a specific activity, rule of the class, transition, or a daily event. These social stories can be made for any child, on any topic both at school or even at home. We have posted some for you to use that we as teachers have commonly used for children in our classrooms, but you can also feel free to create your own social stories for children who need them, based on a specific child and a specific event or activity they are having trouble with.

Social Stories Tip!You may have a child who has trouble remembering the rules at circle time. How about create a positive little "story" all about him and what he needs to do at circle time. Use his name, put his picture on the top and read it to him each day before circle starts. He can even have his own little binder or clip board near his cubby where he can keep his "circle time story". TIP: You may have a child who is learning how to ask a teacher for a "break" from a challenging activity, instead of running away or yelling. Try writing a little story about her, which talks about the problem and also clearly describes how she can ask a teacher for a break from a hard activity.

Social Stories

Resources for Teachers
Here at HSCI, we have compiled a group of helpful resources which we hope will be useful to your in your classrooms. They range from videos showing different teaching strategies, helpful web sites and links to our partner sites.

Video Glossary
Partner Links
Teacher Tools