classroom visuals and supports

Welcome to the Classroom Visuals and Support page. To help support teachers in the classroom, we have created an ever-growing library of commonly used pictures and visual supports to help teach and support all of your students. From toys and art materials to daily schedule pictures, to even problem solving pictures and classroom certificates. Even better, by providing all of these visual supports here for you in one place, you can download the ones you need and use them immediately in your classroom.

Certificates & Volume Chart
Classroom Visuals & Supports
Social Stories
Social Stories are short 1-page "stories" tailor-made for a child who is having difficulty with a specific activity, rule of the class, transition, or a daily event. These social stories can be made for any child, on any topic both at school or even at home. We have posted some for you to use that we as teachers have commonly used for children in our classrooms, but you can also feel free to create your own social stories for children who need them, based on a specific child and a specific event or activity they are having trouble with.

Social Stories