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Embedded Learning Opportunities

Develop your expertise on leveraging Embedded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) to support young children's individual goals, with the resources in this training package.

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Presentation Slides – Spanish (PDF)

Presenter's Notes (PDF)

Presenter's Notes – Spanish (PDF)

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion (PDF)

Presentation Handouts

Activities, Routines, and Daily Transitions for Teachers – Spanish(PDF)

Classroom Activity Matrix (One Child) (PDF)

Classroom Activity Matrix (One Child) – Spanish (PDF)

Classroom Activity Matrix (Three Children) (PDF)

Classroom Activity Matrix (Five Children) (PDF)

Classroom Activity Matrix (Five Children) – Spanish (PDF)

Teacher's Guide (PDF)

Teacher's Guide – Spanish (PDF)

Tips for Teachers: Evaluating Data-Based Decision Making (PDF)

Tips for Teachers: When to Teach Everyday Activities, Routines, and Transitions (PDF)

Supervisor's Guide (PDF)

Supervisor's Guide – Spanish (PDF)

Helpful Resources (PDF)

Helpful Resources – Spanish (PDF)


A-B-C in Everyday Activities

Illustration of A-B-C

Mia's Everyday Learning Opportunities

What Instructional Procedures Do You See?

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