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Head Start Center for Inclusion COVID-19 Resources

Extended Professional Development Packages

These flexible, user-friendly PD packages, also known as training modules, are designed to increase knowledge and implementation of effective teaching practices. They are intended to be used for adult learning opportunities lasting a half day or more, and can be modified based on your audience and available time.

Child raising his hand to answer the teacher's question

Examine the foundation of the HSCI framework for effective practice, creating a high-quality early childhood program, and explore approaches to strengthening this foundation.

Child plays with water

Expand your use of curriculum modifications with this complete set of training materials.

Teacher helps child eat

Develop your expertise on leveraging Embedded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) to support young children's individual goals, with the resources in this training package.

Teacher shows child a visual support chart

Deepen your understanding of Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams, processes, and implementation with this in-depth set of training materials.

Teacher sitting on the floor interacting with a child

Gain an in-depth understanding of the four elements of Planned Instructional Sequences (PInS) to help you teach discrete skills to young children with disabilities.

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