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Head Start Center for Inclusion COVID 19 Resources

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Video Glossary

Use these video examples to see, and share with others, what best-practices look like in action.

Day in the Life of a Disabilities Coordinator Videos

Watch this set of short videos to see some of the ways a disabilities coordinator supports both teachers and children in Washington State inclusive learning settings.

Discrete Trial Videos

On this page you can watch short video clips of different educational terms and definitions in action. For each video there is a description of the demonstrated instructional strategy. Each clip length ranges between :17 and :36 seconds in duration.

Embedded Learning Opportunities Videos

Watch a set of short videos showing how embedded learning opportunities can be used to take advantage of teachable moments.

IEP Basics Videos

Build knowledge about Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) with this comprehensive overview training.

Inclusion Basics: Membership Videos

Foster belonging for young children with disabilities in inclusive early childhood settings, with support from this range of resources for educators and supervisors.

Individualizing Videos

Learn about individualizing—one of the key elements of the HSCI framework for effective practice—to support individual learning outcomes and goals for children with disabilities.

Planned Instructional Sequences (PInS) Videos

Gain an in-depth understanding of the four elements of Planned Instructional Sequences (PInS) to help you teach discrete skills to young children with disabilities.

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