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Head Start Center for Inclusion COVID 19 Resources

Two preschoolers hold hands while running outside.  Another preschooler is in the background jumping on a child size trampoline.

Family Engagement

Improve partnerships with families. Ensure they feel valued and supported, help them achieve their goals, and learn from them.

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Find contact information for regional Parent Centers and resources for families of children with disabilities on the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) website.


These handouts for families provide useful tips for promoting positive behavior during common family activities and routines that can sometimes be challenging.

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View current and past issues of the monthly Head Start Disabilities Services Newsletter, which features tips and tools for education staff serving young children with disabilities and their families.

Teacher working with a mother and two children at a table

Honor and support families in their role as their child's first teacher using the strategies introduced in this training.

Two teachers working with a parent at a table in a classroom

Build knowledge about Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) with this comprehensive overview training.


Deepen your understanding of Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams, processes, and implementation with this in-depth set of training materials.

Teacher sitting on a playmate reading a book to a child

Check out this series for ways to use children's books to teach about inclusion in your learning environment, or in a child's home.

Teacher reading to children sitting in a circle

Start here to learn more about social stories, and download a variety of examples that are ready to go.

Supporting Early Literacy: Fostering Family Involvement

Explore this training to discover strategies for boosting early literacy development through family engagement.

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