Two preschoolers hold hands while running outside.  Another preschooler is in the background jumping on a child size trampoline.

Tools and Supports

Increase child participation and adult learning with these high-impact teaching and learning tools.

Printed Circle Time Magazine laying on a wooden table

A dynamic professional development web series and magazine for early childhood educators, parents, and providers that makes Cultivate Learning's research accessible, friendly, and fun.

A basket full of cut out squares of visual supports

Here you'll find a collection of high-quality visuals and supports that can be printed and used immediately to support young children's development and learning.

Preschool age boy looking down at an object on the table while caregiver speaks to him. They are in a childcare classroom.

Check here for handouts that can be quickly shared on a key topic or effective teaching practice.

Child looking at a book

Check out this series for ways to use children's books to teach about inclusion in your learning environment, or in a child's home.

Teacher reading to children sitting in a circle

Start here to learn more about social stories, and download a variety of examples that are ready to go.

A supervisor sitting and talking with a teacher

Here, you'll find tools that supervisors can use to support educators in improving their practice.

video glossary

Use these video examples to see, and share with others, what best-practices look like in action.

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