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Head Start Center for Inclusion COVID 19 Resources

Two preschoolers hold hands while running outside.  Another preschooler is in the background jumping on a child size trampoline.


Bolster practices that foster the inclusion and belonging of all children.

A Day in The Life of a Disabilities Coordinator

Watch this set of short videos to see some of the ways a disabilities coordinator supports both teachers and children in Washington State inclusive learning settings.

Two hosts, smiling on set

Learn all about positive behavior support in Season 2 of this fun and dynamic professional development web series.

Two children reading together

Learn all about inclusion in Season 3 of this fun and dynamic professional development web series.

Disabilities Services Newsletter

View current and past issues of the monthly Head Start Disabilities Services Newsletter, which features tips and tools for education staff serving young children with disabilities and their families.

Disabilities Services Orientation Guide

Both seasoned and new Disability Services Coordinators (DSCs) can benefit from exploring this training package from the Office of Head Start (OHS) and learning about the national DSC network.

A coach working with a teacher at a table in a classroom

Find answers to frequently asked questions about using an inclusive lens to enact Practice-Based Coaching (PBC).

A child and their family smiles from their livingroom couch

Find answers to frequently asked questions about suspension and expulsion, particularly disproportionality, equity, and prevention.

A teacher helps a child stand in a circle with other children in a classroom

Foster belonging for young children with disabilities in inclusive early childhood settings, with support from this range of resources for educators and supervisors.

Child looking at a book

Check out this series for ways to use children's books to teach about inclusion in your learning environment, or in a child's home.

Head Start logo

On this page from the Office of Head Start, browse many practical resources for supporting children with disabilities.

Teacher sitting on a playmate reading a book to a child

Use strategies from this guide to enhance collaboration efforts between education staff and Part C intervention providers who assist children and families with Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs).

A supervisor sitting and talking with a teacher

Here, you'll find tools that supervisors can use to support educators in improving their practice.

University of Washington Harring Center

Learn more about cutting-edge inclusion research, educator training, and services provided for children, with and without disabilities, at the University of Washington Haring Center for Inclusive Education.

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