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IEP Basics

Build knowledge about Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) with this comprehensive overview training.


Presentation Slides (PDF)

Helpful Websites (PDF)

Helpful Websites – Spanish (PDF)

Parents and Guardians (PDF)

Parents and Guardians – Spanish (PDF)

Supervisor's Tools (PDF)

Supervisor Tools – Spanish (PDF)

Tips for Teachers (PDF)

Tips for Teachers – Spanish (PDF)

Teacher's Guide: Leading the IEP Meeting (PDF)

Teacher's Guide: Participating in the IEP Meeting (PDF)

Teacher's Guide: Setting Up the IEP Meeting (PDF)


Setting Up

In this clip, you will observe the planning stage of an IEP meeting. Watch as the two facilitators plan and set up the meeting environment and review who will be attending.

Round Table Introductions

Watch the professional members of young Nathaniel’s IEP team introduce themselves and describe their educational roles and support functions to Nathaniel’s parents at the start of this important IEP meeting.

Beginning the Meeting

In this clip, observe how the meeting facilitator, the consulting Special Education Teacher, sets a friendly tone for the meeting.

Generating Goals

This clip illustrates the creation of IEP goals for Nathaniel, developed in collaboration with the members of the IEP team. IEP goals are priorities in the domains that the child qualifies for. They require either specialized instruction or therapy. Over the course of the year, the Head Start Teacher and specialists will work together to accomplish agreed upon goals.


In this clip, the meeting facilitator takes the opportunity to recap the meeting highlights before passing around the IEP document to be signed. Everyone at the meeting signs to signify their presence at the meeting and parents can sign to indicate whether they agree or disagree with different parts of the plan.

Wrap Up

Here, the Family Support Specialist closes the meeting, giving Nathaniel’s parents the opportunity to provide feedback and ask further questions.

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