Below you'll find a suite of materials to assist with individualizing in the classroom. Under Supervisor's Guide, you'll find the Adapting the Curriculum Supervisors Guide checklist, a guide for observations in the classroom. In addition is the Classroom Quality Indicators checklist, a checklist to help teachers determine foundational elements of a quality classroom are in place.

Within Tips for Teachers, a continuing series of practical strategies for teachers and other classroom caregivers, you'll find the Planning Individual Instruction Form. Use this form when planning for an individual child in your program. Learning Center Signs can be used in classrooms to give staff ideas what to work on while playing with children.

Content on This Page Includes:

» individualizing presentation recording by susan sandall

» supervisor's guide

» teacher's guide

» tips for teachers

» learning center

» helpful resources

» videos

Indvidualizing by Susan Sandall
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» Download presentation (PowerPoint)

Supervisor's Guide
» Classroom Quality Indicators Checklist
» More About Quality Indicators
» Adapting the Curriculum

Teacher's Guide
» Classroom Quality Indicators Checklist

Tips for Teachers
» Individualizing within a Group Activity
» Planning Individual Instruction

Learning Center
» Learning Center
» Spanish-translated: Aprendendo Centro

Helpful Resources
» Helpful Resources

The materials on this page created and assembled by Susan Sandall and Kristin Ainslie